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Books both written and english accompanied with enunciation CD

Flash Cards

Colourful selections accompanied with enunciation CD

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Exciting new ways of learning a language.

Customer Testimonials

“As a teacher I found myself creating, cutting and pasting and its so time consuming, to find this site I was so happy.  The resources are full colour and very clear. This is an awesome idea!”

Chi-Miigwech Cynthia

TDSB Teacher

“These resources are so unique and creative, they have helped me provide the young people I work with to teach my language”

Youth Worker


Giiwednangoonhs Productions is located centrally in the City of Toronto to serve the community throughout Canada and United States, that wish to utilize our resources. We specialize in many areas of education that shares knowledge of the Aboriginal Peoples of North America. It is absolutely important for us to provide authentic and professional resources to all our new learners, educators and interest groups.
As we begin to prosper here at Giiwednangoonhs Productions it is very important to hear from all our supporters, please browse our Web site for more information about Giiwednangoonhs Productions.


Giiwednangoonhs Productions


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